Congress on Clinical Trials in Infection - from Diagnosis to Clinic

When: Monday 2nd - Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Where: London

CTIDC2018, in association with NIHR CRN, will address current key areas in Infection including:

  • Infection diagnostics: new technologies; clinical trials and regulatory issues
  • HIV - new areas for clinical trials
  • Update on sexual health research
  • Vaccines
  • Antimicrobial resistance - new technologies; clinical trials - challenges and solutions
  • NIHR Clinical Research Network and how it supports clinical trials in Infection

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Methods for Evaluating Medical Tests and Biomarkers (MEMTAB) 2018

When: Monday 2nd - Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Where: Hotel Mitland Utrecht, the Netherlands

This symposium provides a forum for disseminating knowledge at the forefront of current research, and for stimulating dialogue that will propel future thought and endeavours to tackle the methodological and practical complexities facing the medical diagnostic, prognostic and monitoring field today.

Taking place over two days, the symposium takes the form of four thematic plenary sessions. Each session will be introduced by two invited speakers who are a leading international expert in the field, followed by a generic discussion. Also eight sessions with submitted oral presentations, and four interactive poster sessions will be part of the program.

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The International Congress on Precision Medicine Beyond Cancer

When: 15th - 16th October 2018

Where: Munich, Germany

The PMBC2018 Congress aims to broaden the perspective of precisions medicine to other non-communicable diseases and reduce the cost burden to society. Progress in computing power, artificial intelligence and omics technologies enable new approaches to decipher complex pathologies, generating new insights and avenues for disease intervention and ideally disease prevention.

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UK Diagnostics Summit

When: November 8th 2018

Where: Strand Palace, London

The 2018 Diagnostics Summit will address how Diagnostics are supporting prevention of hospital admissions across the UK. Drawing on best-practice and expertise from key leaders at the forefront of Diagnostics research and development, the Summit will explore how Diagnostics are being implemented at community care and secondary health levels including within Laboratory's to prevent disease and infection. Bringing together European leading experts via presentations, workshops and case studies the Summit will look at how Diagnostics are currently improving patient outcomes.

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